At Van der Valk Hotel ARA, your comfort and well-being are paramount. That is why we are proud to be a completely smoke-free hotel. We want to offer our guests a healthy and pleasant environment, where fresh air and a clean atmosphere are key. We therefore ask our guests to respect that smoking is not allowed in the rooms and public areas.

Heated Smoking Room on the Terrace - Comfort for Smokers

For guests who smoke, we have a special facility on our terrace. Our terrace has a winter-heated smoking area where you can enjoy your cigarette or cigar. Here you can relax and enjoy your smoking experience without bothering others.

Strict smoking policy - Clean and Fresh

Our strict smoking policy helps us ensure that all guests at Van der Valk Hotel ARA enjoy a fresh and clean environment. If we find that there has been smoking in the rooms or other non-smoking areas, we are forced to charge an additional cleaning fee of €200.