With these few words a journey starts: from your engagement to the wedding and into marriage.

It is completely normal to be overwhelmed with the number of things that need taking care of before the Big Day.

We gladly take some of those things off your hands, for you to have more time to focus on each other and your guests. Van der Valk Hotel ARA has extensive experience in organizing all kinds of weddings; whether you are looking for a big party or something more intimate, whether you would like to have a recurring theme throughout your day, whether you need help with finding a wedding photographer or the perfect band – we’ve got you covered.

We pride ourselves in our flexibility and hospitality: we will pull out all the stops to have the day go by exactly as you wish.

In case you do not know exactly what you want yet, feel free to set up a meeting (free of any obligation!) with Carina Pluimert, our wedding specialist. She would love to brainstorm with you and discuss various options to help you figure out what you are interested in. Once that is clear, we will help you organize everything to perfection.

From June through September we require a minimum revenue of € 5000,- for weddings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Request an offer without any obligation or make an appointment with Carina Pluimert.

The day of your life

Whether your wedding day shall be an intimate affair with a small dinner or a splashing party with all the trimmings, we have a suitable and pleasant space where you can turn it into an unforgettable event. Because the day of your life deserves the night of your dreams, we have a special offer for you to stay in our romantic suite when you celebrate your wedding party at our hotel.

We look forward to planning your wedding with you!