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Zwijndrecht & surroundings

There is a lot to see in this park. There are about 200 species of trees, including groups of oaks, chestnuts, beeches, birches, ornamental fruit trees and conifers.
The park is adorned by various shrubs, perennials, annuals and flower bulbs. There is also a rosarium and a herb garden. This herb garden is open to the public: herbs may be picked, but please leave the plants alone! A daffodil garland runs through the entire park, which blooms in March and April.

Located at the unique location along the busy Drierivierenpunt with a magnificent view of Dordrecht. In 1996, Queen Beatrix opened the Drechtoevers Sculpture Park, an initiative of the Dutch Circle of Sculptors. The plan includes a sculpture park along the rivers Oude Maas, Beneden Merwede and de Noord, connecting the function of the rivers. The underlying idea was to realize an exhibition of large sculptures, which, like a 'living' museum, are the cultural pearls in the 'river chain'.

Family activity

Palm Party House

Palm Party House is the perfect location for a relaxing getaway with family, friends or colleagues. For a night out you can come bowling or bowling & gourmet, with even a musical evening on Saturdays with a dazzling performance by a DJ.

Family activity

Maasoever Spoorweg

Would you like to enjoy the nature reserve along the Oude Maas in Barendrecht during a ride? This is possible at the Maasoever Spoorweg. It's worth a ride for big and small! The train transports you along the banks of the Oude Maas, through the woods that are located here and right through the workstation. The station is right next to the pancake house "De Oude Maas". Opposite the station is a playground for children and a snack bar.

Nature & Playing

Hooge Nesse/Veerplaat

Van der Valk Hotel ARA is located in the Hooge Nesse nature reserve. There is a play forest with natural play elements, a nature reserve with hiking trails, and a nature education center. On Veerplaat (which is south of it) there is a paddling pool, walking and cycling paths and a disc golf course. To the west of hotel Ara there are even more walking and cycling paths, an exercise garden, boot camp elements and a beach field.

Children's farm


The farm is the place to introduce children to different types of animals. The children's farm has a park-like appearance and is located in the Develpark next to the swimming pool. It offers fun for young and old. There are a lot of different animal species, so there is plenty to see, feel and learn. Think of fallow deer, goats, pigs, cows, birds and rodents. For the little ones there is a playground with various play equipment.

The Youth Play Park in Hendrik Ido Ambacht is highly recommended for children to enjoy playing. A playground, children's zoo, meeting place with restaurant, daytime activities, activities, nature: the Youth Play Park has something fun to offer for every kind! The natural playing environment ensures more varied and creative play behaviour. The park is accessible for free.

An indoor play paradise at a 3-minute drive from Van der Valk Hotel ARA. The ideal outing to let the kids do their thing. On 1600 m2 there are 6 play areas where all members of the family can enjoy themselves.