Keep your energy levels high!

A well timed snack ensures everyone can remain focused. We offer a range of options; from sugary to savory, more or less healthy - anything is possible! 

Some suggestions:


Treat your guests with freshly baked pastries to pair the coffee. 

Each day we make a new selection out of a wide range - feel free to indicate your preferences (€ 2,50 p.p.). 


A healthy snack can work miracles! Upon your request we will place a basket with an assortment of hand fruits in your meeting room (€ 1,00 p.p.). 

Sweet treats

Do you prefer a delicious slice of pie, a petit glacé or petit four? We can arrange that too, working closely with our favourite bakeries (from € 2,00 p.p.). 

Meeting snack

To give your group a boost at the end of the day! A healthy snack or fried bites? (€ 3.50