Keep your energy levels high!

A well timed snack ensures everyone can remain focused. We offer a range of options; from sugary to savory, more or less healthy - anything is possible! 

Some suggestions:


Spoil your guests with freshly baked delicacies with their coffee. Every day we make a new selection from, for example, traditional filled cakes, apple girls, spelled and muesli cakes and braided raisin buns (€ 2.75 p.p.).


Een gezonde snack tussendoor kan wonderen doen voor uw gezelschap! Op uw verzoek plaatsen we een fruitmand met gesorteerd fruit in uw zaal (€ 1,50 p.p.).

Sweet treats

Do you prefer a delicious piece of cake, petit glacé or petit four? We can also arrange that for you, in collaboration with our regular partners (from € 2.95 p.p.).

Meeting snack

A pick-me-up at the end of the afternoon! An energy-rich and healthy snack or rather just a tasty snack? (€ 3.95 each)