Dordrecht is the oldest city of Holland. The historic town is nestled between several rivers. The best way to begin a visit to Dordrecht is the 'Groothoofd', where the Oude Maas, Noord and Merwede rivers meet. The city had an important role in the history of the Netherlands. Dordrecht has more than 1600 monuments to see and visit.

The greatest natural attraction is the Biesbosch National Park, which is easily accessible from Dordrecht.

Noah's Ark

The ship 'Noah's Ark'is fun for young and old. It gives an impression on how the ship would have looked like in the past and how Noah lived with his family.
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Historic ports

Dordrecht has no canals, but harbours!
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Distillery Rutte

Since 1872 distillery Rutte produces gins and liqueurs. Nowadays it still happens in the same way. No addiotional flavoring or coloring is used. All the flavor and color are from fresh fruit, herbs and nuts.
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The Hof of Netherlands

This Augustinian monastery tells the hidden story of the Dutch homeland history.
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Huis van Gijn

In this beautiful house lived Simon Gijn. Simon was a passionate collector and nowadays his old house is a museum where you can find all kind of things.
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If you walk through the Groothoofdspoort, you will see the three rivers come together at the Groothoofd.
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