Unique location Hotel ARA

Hotel ARA is uniquely located in recreational area Hooge Nesse Polder along the Old Meuse river. This area is perfect for strolling along the water, playing sports and games, and sunbathing. Additionally it offers long hiking and cycle paths.

Just across the river lies polder island De Hoeksche Waard, accessible directly from Hotel ARA by ferry. The way you explore this area is up to you. The polder island is spacious and offers panoramic views. Stretched farmlands, high tree lined dikes with distinctive dike buildings, and old creeks define the landscape. To enjoy the nature to the fullest, you discover De Hoeksche Waard by horse and cart, on foot or by bike. If you are an avid cyclist, hire a bicycle from Hotel ARA and go out to experience what the area has to offer!

To the east of Hotel ARA lie the Alblasserwaard and Vijfheerenlanden polders, embraced by the Lek, Noord, Merwede and Linge rivers. Enjoy the typical Dutch scenery! Another option is visiting the Biesbosch National Park, which offers a different experience altogether.

When you’ve seen enough green and the fresh air has cleared up your head, there are plenty of other options still: cities Dordrecht, Rotterdam and Breda aren’t far away and offer great opportunities for sightseeing, shopping, cultural tours and other activities.