Discgolf track

In the middle of the beautiful nature reserve surrounding Van der Valk Hotel ARA lies a hidden gem for lovers of outdoor sports and team activities. The specially designed 18-hole Discgolf Parcours offers a refreshing twist on the traditional game of golf and is the ideal way to embrace nature while having fun with friends, family or colleagues.

Discgolf Parcours - A Unique Outdoor Experience

Discgolf Parcours, also known as Frisbee golf, combines precision and fun in a breathtaking environment. This exciting game challenges players to throw a Frisbee into the basket in as few throws as possible. The scenic setting of the nature reserve adds an extra layer of adventure to the game. Whether you are a seasoned frisbee golf professional or just looking for a fun activity, our Disc Golf Course offers something for everyone.

A Complete Package at Hotel ARA

At Van der Valk Hotel ARA, we understand that the best experience is all about convenience and fun. That is why we offer not only the Discgolf Course itself, but also the necessary Frisbees and additional information directly at our reception. No need to worry about bringing your own equipment. Everything you need to enjoy this exciting activity is at your fingertips.

Perfect for Team Building and Outings with Colleagues

Looking for a unique teambuilding activity? Discgolf Parcours is the ideal choice. The competitive element, combined with the natural beauty of the course, promotes team spirit and cooperation. It is a great way to get to know colleagues better outside the office walls. Whether you are planning a relaxing afternoon with colleagues or want to organise an active teambuilding day, Discgolf Parcours at Van der Valk Hotel ARA is the perfect setting. Also fun to organise as a closing event after a day of meetings in one of our meeting rooms.

In short, our Discgolf Parcours offers a refreshing and entertaining activity in beautiful natural surroundings. Whether you are a Frisbee enthusiast or just looking for a fun and unique outdoor experience, discover the fun of Discgolf Parcours at Van der Valk Hotel ARA. Come along and experience for yourself why this game is so popular among our guests.