Exposities in Van der Valk Hotel ARA

To me, designing is a means to illustrate my feelings, fascination, ideas and wishes. I am more focused on the design rather than on a production technique or a material because it gives me the freedom to create what I want. As a product designer, I want to design products in a poetic way combined with contemporary design and inspired by the African continent. By putting a strong focus on the African geometric design language, natural shapes, clear lines and smart technology, I want to design innovative products.

For my graduation assignment, I chose to look for my origin and design products inspired by African art and culture in which I can recognize myself. During the search, Kasséna from Tiébélé (South Burkina Faso) caught my attention because of the beautifully designed patterns and the stories behind it. The Kasséna Soul collection is my own translation of the Kasséna patterns to modern Western product design. In this collection I combined the Kasséna symbols with a number of features of two contemporary Western design trends (Dutch design and Scandinavian design). In this way I want to poetically visualize the symbolic Kasséna stories and share what I learned from the Kasséna women: together we stand stronger and we show concern for our belongings.

Louis Bos.

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